Sweet Simone’s For Your Special Event

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, shower or wedding, we can help make your event extra special. We specialize in cakes, pastries and superb decoration. Serve the gift of an unforgettable cake and unique sweets that you'll be fondly reminiscing about many years down the road.
Sweet Simone's takes great delight in crafting our custom wedding cakes, special favors, dessert tables and yummy cupcakes with the freshest Vermont ingredients...and of course, we always bake from scratch.

We would love to be part of your special occasion. Let us help you create that stunning finish and delicious memory for your event!



Did you know we now have fresh-baked croissants every day? Hundreds of gossamer layers of pure Vermont butter and dough layered together and baked to perfection – there is nothing else like them. They are certainly among some of the most delightful baked treats to savor and enjoy. Upon seeing them on the plate, next to…

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Nothin’ Bettah Than Hand-Rolled Bagels

Behold the bodacious bagel! As any New Yorker will tell you, not all bagels are created equal. The best are made by hand, baked fresh and NEVER frozen (gasp in horror!). Owner Lisa Curtis, a Vermonter with solid Jersey roots, knows a damn good bagel when she tastes it and wouldn’t settle for less when she started…

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Coffee. Java. Joe. Mud. Perk. Heaven.

There’s nothing like great coffee enjoyed in a great atmosphere. Lucky for you, we are very particular about our coffee. We use beans roasted locally by Awake. He hand-roasts his small batches to perfection, specifically for espresso or drip. Come visit us. We’re open every morning with fresh java and baked goods to satisfy. . ….

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Ice Cream Is Here!!!

Small Batch Ice Cream made by our Sweet Spot familia Scout’s Honor over the mountain in Waitsfield. If you haven’t tried their ice cream before, hot diggety you’re in for a treat! They craft their ice cream in the classic French style, rich and creamy with the purest, freshest ingredients available, much of which comes from their…

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