About Us

Lisa, owner of Sweet Simone’s, grew up in a family that was surrounded by food.  Her mom, Barbra, was always in the kitchen mixing up some delicious meal or dessert.  Her brother, Jason, a trained chef traveled all over the world working and learning from the best of the best.  Lisa shares in the love for food, but particularly it was dessert that she had a passion for.


The opportunity to open Sweet Simone’s fell into her lap due to unfortunate

circumstances (see story below), but she was up for the challenge and ready to make her mark in the family.

Lisa has 2 small girls, Liv and Charley, and very supportive and loving husband, John.

How we got here….

On August 28, 2011, tropical storm Irene ripped through the state of Vermont and left behind utter shock and devastation for families and businesses alike. Waitsfield Vermont, also known as the Mad River Valley, is the town we call home.  Our town was among those damaged by Irene and 40 Bridge Street, where many up and coming businesses resided, was completely flooded.  This historic site housed eight businesses and two primary residences.  Due to this disaster 4 businesses were entirely wiped out and approximately 30 people were left unemployed. In this building there was a café, where locals would flock, families would visit and tourists would insist of making part of their trip. This café was the place in town to get a great cup of coffee, a delicious pastry and homemade ice cream, among many other offerings.  With this café not re-opening, it became apparent that the loss of this place left a void in the town of Waitsfield.  This is where we came in.

The family partnership between Lisa Curtis and John Vitko worked to contribute to the revitalization of Bridge Street and the town of Waitsfield.  Sweet Simone’s, a place for delectable pastries and fine coffee as well as Scout’s Honor, a one of a kind ice cream experience, share a space in the historic building 40 Bridge Street and is well known in town as The Sweet Spot.

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