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    We Love Weddings!

    It’s been a busy summer here at Sweet Simone’s and we’re having a ball helping lots of happy couples make sweet memories of a lifetime in Vermont!  Here’s a small sampling of some recent cakes we’ve created… If you’re going…

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    Ice Cream Is Here!!!

    Small Batch Ice Cream made by our Sweet Spot familia Scout’s Honor over the mountain in Waitsfield. If you haven’t tried their ice cream before, hot diggety you’re in for a treat! They craft their ice cream in the classic French style,…

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    Sweet Start Smackdown

    Pastry pros are rattling their whisks, sharpening their knives and digging deep in their secret recipe books. Yes it’s almost here folks, and Sweet Simone’s is competing! The Sweet Start Smackdown: All-Stars in it’s final year kicking off Restaurant Week on the eve of April…

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    Did you know we now have fresh-baked croissants every day? Hundreds of gossamer layers of pure Vermont butter and dough layered together and baked to perfection – there is nothing else like them. They are certainly among some of the most…