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Ice Cream Is Here!!!

11133701_948730188510854_8321082064410927466_nSmall Batch Ice Cream made by our Sweet Spot familia Scout’s Honor over the mountain in Waitsfield. If you haven’t tried their ice cream before, hot diggety you’re in for a treat! They craft their ice cream in the classic French style, rich and creamy with the purest, freshest ingredients available, much of which comes from their own homestead. Along with classic favorites, owner John Vitko (who is often seen ’round town in their signature pink and white VW bus) also mixes up elegant and unique, seasonal flavor combos. You know what this means…you’re going to have to come in often for new tastes 🙂 We promise you will never cease to be delighted.

We are proud to be scooping it all year round. Come in and grab a scoop!

Our first scoop went to this very happy little customer!